The clink of glasses and the sounds of laughter. The carefully chosen colours and the beaming smiles. The feelings of joy, exhilaration and everlasting love in everyone’s hearts… and a unique fragrance to unite all your senses and memories of the big day.


A scent on your wedding day, can add that beautiful, blissful, heavenly quality to match the feeling of exhilaration and excitement, the hopes and dreams of marrying your soulmate and of being together forever.


Scents bond our emotions and our memories to a special part of the brain and commemorating your big day with a fragrance that will reinforce everything you experience when you marry that special someone.


Choose a beautiful scent for your wedding day from our luxurious range of stunning perfumes and combine with your scented ceramic to tell your own wedding story. Our specially designed scented ceramics will complement all your wonderful plans, the stunning interiors of your chosen venue and leave a lasting impression on you, your partner and guests.

Capture the essence of your beautiful day with Ascetic Aesthete fine scented ceramics, which lock in the true scent for around 6 months. Long after the day has passed, you and your guests will be instantly transported back to your magical day with the scent you chose for your wedding day.

You and your guests can drop the scented ceramics into clothes drawers, hang them in wardrobes, stash them in suitcases and pack them in bags and relive the emotions and memories again and again.

We can also cater for other celebrations and special events.

Contact us to order in 3 easy steps

1) Choose your perfume from our beautiful range
2) Choose the number of scented ceramics (minimum orders apply)
3) Tell us where to post your Ascetic Aesthete perfume and scented ceramics

We recommend purchasing a sample pack which we will redeem against the cost of a scented ceramic wedding package

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Scoop International at the Saatchi Gallery

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Innovation Award – Hotel 360

Innovation Award – Hotel 360

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