Stripped Bare


There are times when we are stripped back to our most vulnerable selves, our souls bare and exposed for all the world to see. But in this moment of total vulnerability and pure nakedness, the real you rises. When all else is taken away, you see what remains. What matters. Inspired by true love and the unbreakable connection of one soul to another, Stripped Bare entwines feelings of vulnerability, purity and potential with notes of Sandalwood, Orris and Musk.

This is a pure, clean, woody, musky and soulful perfume for men or women. Bare skin-like accords mingle with sacred sandalwood as intoxicating as divine love and as iridescent as the naked soul.

Perfume Notes: Sandalwood, Orris, Musk


Perfume Notes: Sandalwood, Orris, Musk