Your guest experiences are built on interactions they have with your business. Every touchpoint – physical, emotional and sensual – is a moment to strengthen the connection your customers builds with your brand.
The memory of your business and the interactions a client has with you is inextricably linked with the scents and aromas they experience at the time. The right scent creates a powerful bond with your brand – one that can be relived again and again.

There is no quicker and more immediate way to reach your customers emotionally than through the senses.


Smell is the most powerful of the human senses, one that often gets overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Scents have the ability to affect our behaviour, emotions, perceptions and most importantly, our memories.

The area of the brain that perceives scent is located next to the areas responsible for memory and emotion. This makes scent the ideal tool to engage with customers, bypassing the “thinking” brain and tapping into the “emotional” parts of the brain. Scents bond your brand to your customers

Even the smallest scent can transport us back in time, experiencing moments of nostalgic bliss, moments of the past that come rushing back via olfactory stimulation. Although the smell may be the trigger, these junctures are filled with thoughts, feelings, emotions and more, and that’s what makes them so truly powerful.

Exclusive Scented Ceramic

Ascetic Aesthete scented ceramics are devices for telling stories and communicating messages. They are an innovative and experiential way to connect and reconnect your customers with your brand.

Each unique ceramic locks in scent for over 6 months, an ever-present reminder of the experiences your customers shared with your brand. Customers can drop them into drawers, stash them in suitcases and pack them in bags and relive the emotions and memories again and again.

Our exclusive Ascetic Aesthete scented ceramics are available in a standard design or can be adapted to your specific requirements

1. Logo / 2. Style / 3. Colour / 4. Size

1. choose from the Ascetic Aesthete range of luxurious scents
2. bespoke scent created for you by Ascetic Aesthete
3. your own company scent

List of available fragrances available as a downloadable PDF after leaving a business email address


Combine beautiful ingredients and our passion for perfume with your brand identity to create a mesmerising, signature scent that encapsulates everything you stand for. A uniquely powerful way to communicate your vision

Our beautiful ingredients and our passion for perfume combine with your brand identity to create a mesmerising, signature scent that encapsulates everything you stand for. A uniquely powerful way to communicate your vision.

At its core, our work is about allowing people to experience beautiful memories and moments, be that reliving them from the past or being guided to them for the first time. That’s what makes our fragrances so unique in their own right. They’re not just a blend of high-quality ingredients that create stunning scents; they are our devices for telling stories and communicating messages.

We like to get under the skin of your brand and what you want to achieve. We work hand-in-hand with you to translate your brand vision into a creative olfactory landscape, resulting in your own stunning signature scent. Let us work our magic with the power of perfume.

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