About Us

Ascetic Aesthete is a London-based luxury perfume house that operates on a model based around exclusivity and creativity. We believe perfume is an expression of the soul and a doorway to the divine.

Independent and innovative, Ascetic Aesthete create perfumes utilising the highest quality and most precious ingredients available, creating beautiful perfumes that are distinctive, gorgeous, understated and timeless.

Ascetic Aesthete is a true celebration of life, in all its beauty and its challenges too. From the mundane to the Divine and everything in between it is ever hopeful and positive

Independent and innovative, Ascetic Aesthete create perfumes on a smaller exclusive scale. We utilise the highest quality and most precious ingredients available, creating beautiful perfumes that are distinctive, gorgeous, understated and timeless.

Balancing beauty and ethereal inspiration, our luxurious creations will transport you through intense experiences of memories and moments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread love, joy, beauty and abundance through the inspired creation of perfume and experiences that touch the soul and uplift the world.

Our philosophy is centred around simplicity, minimalism and beauty. Translated into perfume, Ascetic Aesthete distils sublime, precious and exquisite ingredients into a refined range of perfumes that people love.


(/əˈsɛtɪsɪzəm/; from the Greek: ἄσκησις áskesis, “exercise, training” Origin ‘asketes’, monk)

A lifestyle characterised by the renunciation of material possessions, often for the purpose of pursuing spiritual goals.

(/’i:søi:t from Greek aisthetes)
A person who cultivates an unusually high sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature, a person who enjoys beauty.

Ascetic Aesthete
(əˈsɛtɪk i:søi:t)
Minimising the superfluous to the absolute essence of beauty.

Our Journey

“I have always loved smells since I was a child and have always been passionate about perfume. I didn’t realise that my passion would be utilised in creating one of the most precious gifts ever in my life.

When my mum suddenly went into hospital and lay unconscious for days, I didn’t know how to reach her. I felt desperate as I didn’t know if she was ever coming back. So, I set about trying to create something heavenly, through the combination of her favourite flowers, I created a scent… she was able to nod her appreciation for this gift before she left this world and took it with her….it was my final gift to her…”

Asma Sharapova
Founder of Ascetic Aesthete

Inspired by loss and heartbreak, driven by memories and moments, we infused our passion, our love, our soul and our creativity into Ascetic Aesthete.


Ascetic Aesthete is an exploration and celebration of life and heavenly realms. Life poses many challenges as well as bringing us great joy.


Ascetic Aesthete is inspired by the circle of life, the rites of passage, the mystical, esoteric and mythical. Ascetic Aesthete celebrates life in its entirety, it does not shy away from sadness or sorrow, but it is ever hopeful and positive. From the mundane to the divine and everything in between, Ascetic Aesthete transforms human experience into transcendental olfactory form.

Scent has the power to transport us to another time, another place. It opens a window into our past, a portal to our soul. A path to the memories and moments we never forget. And a gateway to new stories and new experiences. They’re packed with mystery and beauty, wonder and love.

Innovation Award – Hotel 360

Innovation Award – Hotel 360

I am delighted to announce that Ascetic Aesthete Perfume Creation has been nominated and is now a finalist for an Innovation Award – Hotel 360. We have been recognised as offering ground-breaking solutions taking over the hospitality industry and making waves in the...

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